u know when u really like someone and literally every little thing they do is cute and no matter what face they make they always look perfect to you

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just because i hate me doesnt mean you can

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Before something great happens, everything falls apart. Just hold on long enough to get through the smoke screen.
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Dior Homme Summer 2015 collection

Okay so this one time, I snuck backstage at Christian Dior Haute Couture and was attempting to get into the makeup room to snap a few quick shots of the models, when Magdalena Frackowiak walked out, opened a window and lit up a cigarette. I leaned out the adjacent window, said, “Magdalena!” and snapped this shot. ON MY BLACKBERRY. She got the fright of her life. About six months later, I ran into her backstage at the Rag and Bone show at New York Fashion Week and asked her if she remembered me. She said no. So I showed her the picture on my Blackberry. She started laughing, gave me a giant hug, and told me that it was one of her favourite photos of all time and said it had gone everywhere, including magazines and blogs all over the world.
I was like, “I bet you say that to all the boys.”
If you live off a man’s compliments, you’ll die from his criticism.
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